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Oh my goodness, this is the most inspiring picture I've seen. It's just so beautifully well done and- j-just no words can describe it! ...

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The Canvas Can Do Miracles by glitcher
Oh my goodness, this is the most inspiring picture I've seen. It's just so beautifully well done and- j-just no words can describe it! The moment you just give the slightest look, you HAVE to blink one or two times to realize what you have clicked on! Truly, Canvas can do Miracles!
The first time I stared at this wondrous creation, I quickly began to examine the whole painting for what it is, first the explosion of nature and reality, then the powerful creator that made all this happened with that large paint brush. I honestly think that anyone who didn't make this a Daily Deviation is quite foolish! I can't give any recommendations, being how pretty it is! I hope to see many others like this! Please, give more!
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Masks of Murder
Warning: Blood, Disturbance, Violence,  Slavery

    "I never hated somepony so much in my short life...  And I hated everything he owned and cherished- or if his black heart had anything to do with the word.  No...  No...  I think the word best suited close to cherish to his heart is...  Usable...  Yeah...  Yeah, that totally fits."

Frostbite had never been freed from the royals in this story... Neither did they know or care about her...  No...  This is a story of how a Frostbite lost everything...  But was yet still a leader of an army...

    It was still the slaver's wretched, cursed house with blood and cannibalism takes place rather daily.  Frostbite's Brother failed to protect her this time...  He died in vain...  Too much vain.


Frozen:*holding his eye.*Ugh...  little bitch....  I should kill you...  But that would be a waste...  Your throat has been done...  Maybe the marehood is a good try.*smirking.*You'll probably break while I rip your little body in half, whore.*Mounts her.*

    The poor filly woke up as doing so and was screaming horribly in pure pain and agony.  No one outside the sunshine and freedom could here her because of the damned walls being sound proofed.  The sisters though, inside knew how she was screaming...  And no one had the courage to stop him or even have a  bit of remorse.  Even the mother couldn't break out of her mind control.  It was truly a shattering day of innocence for the mare.

    Now, Frostbite stands in a room filled with varieties of masks.  Staring at all of them with the moon light as her helper to see clearly.  She wasn't broken, if you're curious...  She was merely pretending so that she may do this.  Most sisters don't have the will power to survive such but it appears Frostbite was out of the bunch.  Another reason out.
    Frostbite stared constantly at them.  Even her father asked why she'd spend her free time staring up at his masks to help capture women into the night without a fit description of bystanders, which was rather rare.  She'd say to persuade her "master"...

Frostbite: I wish to know the true slaver Master's specialty, Master!

Frozen: heh!  I love how much you've broken from before, slut!*french kisses her then pulls back.*Go then!  Come back to me after my daily hoof licking!

Frostbite: gladly, Master!*Then happily skips the the mask room until she was out of her father's sight.*

    Every french kiss, she'd cut her hoof and drink the blood from it.  She found blood more sinless than a slimy kiss with her father.

    Frostbite would just stand there until time was up and watch every mask.  The one she was most interested in was the Comedy and Tragedy mask.  It was so devious looking in her view.  So sweet...  So...  Vengeful.  It was as if that mask the mentoring her on creating a certain Tragedy to Frozen Sin, but give comedy to her slaver sisters.  Oh yes.  This was a lovely mentor indeed.  She heard hoof steps come into the room and turn her head slowly.  She there saw her other sister, Runes, who was admiring them as well.  The poor sister had demonic runes all over her body and would activate if she had a single thought of something decent or good.  Which was rapidly happen.

Frostbite:  Sister Runes?  What are you doing here?

Runes: is...  is it true that you've broken,  Sister Frostbite..?  Are you truly done fighting father and has started pleasing him?!*lets out a few tears*Why...?!  You've broken!!  What about all the promises you gave to us to release the thousand of us from this cursive prison?!  Did all of them just have no mean-!

Frostbite: being broken is nothing but an illusion made my Master...  Being broken is merely just doing what you're told like being a parent and foal, or a teacher and a student, or us with reality.  I'm not broken, my dear sister...  I just merely know my even lesser level from father....  And that's where I will love to be.

Runes:*gasped and smacks Frostbite furiously.* THEN YOU'RE NOT MY SISTER!


Runes: Y.. Yes, Master!!!!*Looks back at Frostbite and quickly gallops out to the stairway.*

Frostbite: *speaking lowly.*don't worry, my dear sister...  Those promises will never leave my mind...  Truly, never.

    It pained Frostbite dearly to keep this secret from all her relatives, but it had to be done for it was commanded by her mentor.

Frostbite: soon my sisters...  We shall rise against the demon...*her ear twitches and she smiles contently towards her mentor.* Hehe...  Yes, Mentor.  First Step;  Snake Eyes....*Gasped as if they were talking together in argument.*Mentor, are you sure?  Are you sure it's time?!  It has only been a year since of the taken of innocence!.......Right...  It's right...  The time is now...  The blood moon shall be upon us soon and the sister that know of your glory will begin to worry of it being a helpless illusion to a never received future...  Fine,  May that moon gives us strength.

    For a whole year, Frostbite continued to be Frozen Sin's little pupil and most trust worthy of the mindless.  Frozen Sin relied even the taking of mares and pets for him which made his business and profit grow even more.  Frostbite was hurt to do so, but it must be done.  None of the sisters aged, not even the mother, thanks to BloodKnight's immortality given to both the seeds of the tree, or rather forest, now.  Finally, it was time for the next step.  Her mentor gave her the world quickly.

    She was now in the catacombs of the fallen slaves that were symbols of who's in charge of them all and who is the ruler.  She met three other of her well powered, and will powered sisters.  One of them was an actual daughter of Blood Knight and IceChill.  Her name was Damia.   A mare with royal blue fur and purple flares around her eyes to show she was specialized in the sombra magic.  She was used mostly to make a distraction for Frozen Sin as he was tying them up and giving them a deadly demise to fate.  The second was another Blood Knight and IceChill breed.  She was a of both genders and hated it.  She'd keep the Blood Tree growing for BloodKnight as a favor for his gift towards him.  A teenage mare covered in pure black with a blue nightmare fire mane which she could transform from normal hair to fire.  It was normal for now.  The last was a three year old, cow and pony hybrid to produce milk for the whole family.  Her milk was special.  It could arouse even a virgin to the max and make them go on a rampage.  Oh, how's she obtain such?  Well, being the child of BloodKnight comes in for a rather lovely surprise.  being a black and red cattle is rather disturbing though in the other sister's opinion.  The two other sisters were named Lilith and Molasses.

    These sisters was what the mentor called as the "knowledged" sisters.  They knew of Frostbite's intentions and was glad to help her.  the only reason they didn't take from their father was that they were apart of the raping fest.  All at a young age.  They bounded quite lovely once Frostbite was raped.  They sensed the same demonic revenge as them...  Thirsty....  Hungry...  For blood lust.  They watched the sister wobble towards her.  All of them stopped their jobs of repairing damaged parts of the catacombs and was ready to talk.

Damia: So, is it time?  Has the first step; Snake Eyes, finally ended?

Lilith: Please tell me so.  The taste of that bastard's hoof in my mouth has gotten me sick to my core.

Frostbite: yes.  Mentor has said the second step; Drunken the Seed, has come.  Molasses, are you ready for such?

Molasses: yes.  I am ready, my dear sister.

Frostbite: let it begin.

    The next morning, the one known as Molasses ran up the mind controlled IceChill and offered her any of her assist.  Damia and Lilith were willing to let the scars ravage their body to make sure IceChill's energy was failing upon her.  It went exactly according to plan.

IceChill: a drink!!  And quick, slave!!

Molasses: Yes, my Mistress!  Of course!*She ran off with a little wobble from trying to hold in all the milk sloshing in her utter.  She made a large glass appear and made Frostbite milk her.*Grrr...

Frostbite: sorry sister, I do not want us to be told to hurry up.  So pain must be reasoned with.  Thankfully, the bottle is a third full.  You're doing wonderful.

Molasses: S-Shut up, and keep going!

Frostbite: I love you too, my dear sister.*smiles up at her as the bottle if filled and given to Molasses to her Mother.*

Molasses:*rushes back quickly to IceChill and gives her the bottle.*Here...  You...  Are...  Mistress!

IceChill:*snatches it and smirks.*A little late, but I'll punish you later.*begins to drink.  Her eyes suddenly widen in pure shock as she knew this taste before...  She couldn't remove the bottle from her lips and was commanded by the sin lust to keep drinking thirstily.  A puddle under her was beginning to form and her mind was being overwritten with lust and desire.  Once her stomach was filled with goodness, she quickly started to rapidly speak and huff.*M-Must...  Find..  M-Ma-Master..  Must find him for pleasure!*rushes to the sound where whippings and screams of agony came from and began to seduce her master for help.

Frostbite: *trots up and smirks to where IceChill ran eagerly.*Hehe....  Drunken the Seed...  Has ended.

Molasses:  Yes...  Now it's our time...

Frostbite: it shall be for eternity...  My dear Sister...  For step three;  Clean the Snow, has gone into play.

    It was now close to the Moon's strike upon 12pm.  Both the Master and Mistress has passed out from such mating.  The sisters of four united and absconded the Mistress from the Master's side and began the next step from their mentor.  All four were in the catacombs again with Damia and Lilith holding her hooves down completely and never have the urge to let go of something as if it was riches or a legacy worth wanting of the slaver tree besides the forced want of dominance and darkness.

IceChill:*gagged with a cursed ball gagged.  Damia was a rather skilled demoness in such arts.  She tried to push them back, determined to go back and warn her master before they had any plans of releasing her from whatever spell being planned.*MMh!!!

Frostbite:*holding a spell book.  She flips through with her wing and stops at the chapter of mind control.*I found it...  May our REAL mother come back to us...*The chant began.*

    The ground was glowing green and a large pentacle was placed upon her head to inform the spell who shall be cleansed.  IceChill screams through the gag slowly turned to frightening cries for help and implores for her master...  Then, it just turned to helpless cries.  The spell began to lose its gleam and the pentacle lost its place and faded completely away.  Damia decided to make the gag faded into the darkness where it belonged, with IceChill sniffling and crying silently.  She stares at all of them with her normal eyes, not having the eyes full of shatter, and cries even harder.  The sisters look at each other then hug her comfortably before she could plead for forgiveness of her behavior out of control.

Frostbite: we love you, Momma....  But now isn't the time for such...  We have done such to the other sisters as you laid with your past master...  And now it's time for the last step to begin since Midnight is almost upon us...

    A sisters decided to speak within sync...

"Step Four;  Sin on the Blushing Moon..."

    It was now time.  All the sisters went to the mask room and took every mask that interested them but knew that the mentor shall come onto Frostbite's face, for she was the most loyal to it.  Frostbite took the mask off the hook of the wall and placed it slowly upon her face...  She sighed blissfully as her mentor made her face seem both humored and terrified.  She enjoyed it completely but knew her Mentor needed to be fed with pure blood instead of praise.  All the sisters went behind her in single file and began to march quietly upon their unsuspecting Master of slaving.  All of them were ready as they gazed upon the still unconscious, exhausted body of their father.  He was snoring and drooling like a fully filled, blood hungry wolf.  All of them held in their throw-up as his colthood was in view.  They ignored it and a sister with unicorn blood raised him up with her magic as the foals made a demonic pentacle under him with her hooves and he others cut their flesh and let their drops go upon it.  The multiple colors of crimson and ruby red began to move and shift as Frostbite placed hers as well without hesitation.  Even the mother was agreeing to such demonic behavior and honestly felt more proud than any mother possibly could.  The blessed unicorn blooded sister placed Frozen Sin down and held his hooves down with magic as they saw him shift on the pentacle.

Frozen: W...  What the-*looks around and notices the hundreds of sisters within the catacombs, gazing down at him with vengeful eyes.  He struggles from their magical grip.*FUCK!!!  DAMN YOU!!!!*noticed Frostbite and growls angrily.*I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU!!  I SHOULD HAVE DONE SO!!!!!!! I-!*Suddenly, the only moon light shined upon pentacle only.  The moon's light had turned unholy and made a reddish shadows appear from the army of sisters cuddled around the slaver.*damn it...  The blood moon...  WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN I'M DEAD, HUH?!? YOU'LL ALL HAVE AN ETERNITY OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!  YOUR LIFE WAS BETTER WHEN YOU ALL WERE MINDL-!

Frostbite: we will never be alone, father...  We shall stay as the powerful one we are...  And follow the one who is now attached to my face...  It's our new teller now...  And I'm its vessel for doing so.  You're no longer the commander....

*All of the sisters speak in an emotionless manner.*
"We Are."

Frostbite: L
et the blood begin, my sisters.  May us begin.

    The sisters mostly go to Frozen Sin between his hind-legs to where he made the most sin.  the raise mini daggers and get in a line to all get their turn of blood to squish upon their dagger.  Frostbite had gotten the largest dagger and stabbed it in Frozen Sin's chest and through the pentacle's center.  The pentacle flashed with light and the demonic spell activated.  Frostbite went to Frozen's face with IceChill and they all began to stab.  Frostbite stabbing Frozen Sin repeatedly in his red, draconic eyes, with her mother, as the sisters began to stab him in the groin and colthood repeatedly.  Their masks were now having blood upon them and would now glow brightly once they got their fill of revenge.  The spell of immortality had been complete once the screams of agony had stopped from their father.  The moon swirling with black and began to have the form of a large spirits with the same amount of the siblings.  They give a terrifying screech and shoot within the sisters and they all gives a pleasurable shiver from the sudden jolt of energy.  Frostbite among from had received more markings upon her body but were gray then what the guessed to be black.  These were known as Alicorn markings, making the victim receive as much power as an Alicorn Amulet can give.  Frostbite gazed upon her new self and sighed happily.  She truly knew her plan has come to success once her sisters cheered.  They saw the remains of the holed father and decided it wasn't enough.  The blade within Frozen's chest had become an excellent stake to where the sisters split him through the middle by pulling him middle and slicing him in twos.  They threw both pieces in the air and Frostbite made a orb of darkness appear at the flat of her hooves as she raised it up without thought and blasted them.  The blood and guts splattered upon their heads and masks like confetti and they danced through the night.  Their eternity had began, but...  The main step was ahead...  What was it..?

    It was now sunrise.  The sun was shining upon the sleeping pile of sisters in a warming manner for them to rejoice in their new-found freedom.  Frostbite stood apart of them and was already wide awake.  She woke of Molasses, Damia, and Lilith to discuss what was their life ahead of them.  All of them were in a silent discussing circle with Frostbite listening to their opinion.

Damia: I say that we split up in groups and make a gigantic force of mares that'll free any mares from a greedy colt's lust!

Lilith: Idiot!  We should find ways to survive through this!  We'll eventually split-

Molasses:  I don't think-!

Frostbite: ENOUGH!

    Her sudden yell awoke the sisters from their slumber and got off of each other one by one.  Eager to here what they've missed.  They circle around the small filly but pretend as if she is a full grown adult.  She had truly received a old soul from experience.

Frostbite: Sisters...  Look at us!  We have markings of murder all over us!  Our masks that hide our face from others bring us even more together!  Our mentors have made us stronger and the true deception of night has made us eternal like its beautiful silvery gleam that we look through our prisons and the catacombs of our fallen sisters our father had claimed unworthy of a single bit!  We must stick together as one!  We must become an army in order to protect all of us, or we will begin in the exact same position like before!  We may struggle in the beginning, but that will end and we shall live, not survive!!  Please, let us sisters!!!

    All the sisters look at each other and nod their head in agreement with a smile.  IceChill steps forward and holds up Frostbite with a loving smile.  She holds up a key that was hidden in her mane and heads down to the catacombs.  She is the leader as she carries a torch and reveals a secret vault at the end and pushes in the key...  A bright gleam of gold blinds all the foals quickly...  Once returning and readjusting their vision they see a land of gold and riches...  Enough to last a million life times.  All the sisters began to cheer again happily as Frostbite picks up a hoof full of gold and watches it pour out of it.

Frostbite: Sisters...  This is a new era for us...  This is where we must begin.

    And from that on, the Sisterhood of Masks has continued on through generations and generations.  They moved in one group, defended themselves, and made sure not a single sibling was lost or taken.  If slavery ever came into their path, they wouldn't rest until the sister is found.  Oh, are they friend or foe?  They're both.  They only go by word of their mentor and speaker of it.  Frostbite.

"Sisters....  Let the Sisterhood of Masks begin..."
Masks of Sisterhood
Finally done~!

    Thank you Shoyru, this was all thanks to you.^^

BloodKnight - Gregozxm

Rest - Me.  Heart416
Well, knowing me, When I get the ability to send art here again...  MY art, I'm gonna probably gonna do some adopts.  Mostly Pony.  I've been drawing....  WAAY too much pony.  So, My Sonic friends I'm gonna be a little rusty, but I'm preparing a new art style for Sonic.

I'm gonna probably get my requests and promises first, then whatever I want.  Then, probably, I'll do two or three commissions a month.  You know, go steady.  I don't want to get stressed on Comms and Requests because I was before.  I'm gonna ask permission...  First...  Because a certain friend of mine scared me....  SHADOW, anyway(XD) I'm gonna probably do it that way.  What I have right now to do.

LoveStruck's CutieMark for Dragonlord117

Female Ray From Hitmem

Theia for All-Father Vohas

Storm Orchid and Shadow Flame for Dekra234

I'm gonna do three at a time...  Remember.  Because I already have Writing I must do.  Well, have a lovely day!!!
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Heavenly by Heart416
Heavenly: Hiiii~!^^

Pony Code - nxN02mI//UQzVz204/D96uz17120034////z/+J0a//////Hd0122vUNb36//80

Age: Unknown
Gender: Mare
Species: Soul Angel
Magic: All Positive
Nature Control
Buck- 10
Flight- 10
Hoof- 7
Magic- 10
Skill- 9
Speed- High

Light Blue
Pure Holy White

Bow and Arrow
Heaven Staff

Heavenly - ME
Pony Creator - General Zoi
MLP - Hasbro / Lauren Faust
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